The Night is Darkest…

Just outside of the small city of Grey Arbor, Connecticut there lies the prestigious Annwn University. Boasting one of the lowest acceptance rates in the world, this institution is home to 6000 of the best and brightest students. The most elite minds and athletes crave the opportunity to enter these hallowed halls, and depart knowing that simply by putting the university’s name at the top of their resumé, their future is assured.

It is a start of another year at Annwn, and four seniors begin the final leg of their journey. What challenges await them in the home stretch?

Annwn is an institution rich in tradition and legacy. It is whispered that the greatest leaders of our time were forged within it’s halls. There are also rumors that there are secrets at Annwn. Secrets which can change the course of history. Forever.

- – -
This is a campaign using the Cortex System by Margaret Weis Productions and is associated with the They Might Be Heroes podcast.

Thank you for your interest in our campaign and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you soon!

The Night is Darkest

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